WOWOW ~ Spanish slang for dog~

We are dog lovers, animal advocates and artists committed to providing quality care to your furry family member(s).

We care about taking a conscious approach to pet grooming. That means....

  •  using biodegradable products
  • offering tips, resources for pet care and wellness
  • advocating and supporting the adoption of pets in need of homes
  • CPR Pet Certified (all staff)
  • working with your dog (versus your dog working with us) to promote healthy future visits to your groomer


Maura Rousse Rindelaub is a business owner, wife, fine artist, dog owner/lover, and groomer of 9 years.
Maura has worked with various organizations throughout the years (to help foster, re-home, rescue dogs as well as trap, neuter and release feral cats) and finds great satisfaction in transforming stray dogs into beautified adoptees thru grooming.  Maura LOVES coffee, painting, dogs, Peter, and classical music.

Evelyn Solorzano is the artery of operations.  As the eldest daughter of 4 siblings, Evelyn has a natural sense of understanding and compassion.  Dog owner, dog-sitter to some, baby-sitter, wedding planner, Do-It-Yourself'er, highly dependable and responsible with nothing standing in her way of fulfilling a goal.  WOWOW Grooming is very fortunate to have her on their team!  Evelyn LOVES coffee and loves nail color.


Please explore our website for helpful hints, resources, and a wee bit of knowledge.