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WOWOW Grooming is not just a grooming shop.  We've teamed up with rescue groups and volunteers to help home needy pets.  Homeless pets that have almost no resources.  These pets live in Mexico where education about animal welfare is lacking, many are neglected or abused, and non-sterilization is all too common.  

Congratulations on making the decision to adopt/rescue your next beloved pack member!

Please scroll below to find your local shelter and rescue organization for special pets in need of caring homes.

Love specific breeds?  We totally understand that some folks just have a love for a specific breed. There are a variety of breed specific rescues.  Please do not buy pets from Classified ads. 

Alternatively, while there are too many individuals, Craigslist ads, pet shops and puppy mills breeding pets eager to cash in on them, meanwhile the ones who suffer the most are the animals.   There are plenty of other options to find that special Beagle, Greyhound, Yorkie, or the all favorite mixed mutt<3.

We recommend searching a breed specific rescue group or inquire with your local shelter, and help support efforts to keep animals from euthanasia, out of the dangers of puppy mills and into loving forever homes!