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About Our Services

  • Nail Trim One of the scariest things about grooming for pets is nail trimming. We clip nails and follow with a sanding tool to smooth rough edges. In rare cases, we notify owners if pets achieve an unhealthy level of stress from nail trim, and we may even suggest a visit to the vet to have it done...whatever is best for the pets health and well being

    • *While there is no excuse for cutting too short and causing bleeding, the truth is it does happen sometimes, for example, with very nervous dogs, or simply dogs with black nails which make it challenging to see just where to cut. In any case, we stay committed to our full disclosure philosophy.

  • Anal Glands Many grooming shops offer this as an add on. We do not express the glands unless your vet recommends having them expressed due to a previous surgery, trauma, etc, or regularly have them expressed at every grooming visit in the past, or if you simply would like the service.

    • *Anal glands are pockets that reside just beneath the wall of the rectum. They are used to store the dogs "identity", which is why they spray their poop after they defecate...they're marking their scent for the next dog to learn about them. Dogs have been expressing their own glands for ages. They do it by licking or dragging their behind on the ground, carpet, grass, etc. Forcefully expressing glands can potentially cause more harm than good. Ultimately, you know your dog(s), you’ll know when they’ll need the service done and we’ll be here to help. Please watch this informative video to learn more.

    • Click Here for an Informative video about your pet’s anal glands

  • Ear cleaning We use sterile water. No perfumes/alcohol which can cause discomfort if the ears are sensitive due to an ear health issue.

  • Teeth Brushing  We use a simple canine toothbrush with canine toothpaste and only recommend it if you're either brushing at home, or want to start a consistent regimen:)

    Pet Skin Care

  • Matted dogs  

  • “…some pets can do a lot of damage to themselves after they have been released from a body cast of matted hair. Their skin might feel itchy or irritated. And, if their pet licks chews, scratched or rubs itself, it can damage the skin and cause problems such as hot spots and skin infections.” —GroomerGroomer issue March 2019

    • We do all we can to ensure quality of care thus, we will not brush out a heavily matted coat.  It's far too painful and discomforting to your pet and it can be much costlier for the owner because of the time it takes to brush such a coat.  Redness and bruising after grooming can and has occurred, in dogs with heavy matting. 

    • When the matting sits so close to the dogs skin, bruising or redness that wasn't there before the haircut, may become visible due to the clotting nature of mats on the dogs skin.  Same issue can occur to dogs' ears..if there is severe matting on the ears, "hematomas" or blood clots can develop.

    • In any case, we might recommend shaving off coat and starting anew.  It'll grow back fast, and you'll have a great new start!

  • Hot Spots, Hot Spots, Hot Spots!!

    • A hot spot is an overabundance of bacteria.  It can occur at any point, and can be attributed to water/being in the pool, a flea bite, and food allergy/sensitivity.

    • It's a good idea to shave the area so no hair/pus clot the process of healing.  Next, disinfect the area. Lastly, clean the area daily and keep the dog from licking (use cone/Elizabethan collar at your discretion).

  • Clipper Alopecia

    • Clipper Alopecia occurs when your pet is shaved down to the closest length to the skin, resulting in the hair growing back in patches.  It's a side effect of shaving very close to the skin.  In breeds such as Huskies and Pomeranians with "Double coats" the hair sometimes never grows back the same.

Our Products

  • Shampoo Biodegradable, Hypo "Aloe" Genic. By Natures Specialties; mild and cleansing.

  • Conditioner Biodegradable. By Nature's Specialties; soothing and rich

  • Flea Shampoo Biodegradable. Neem Oil based. By Nature's Specialties; soothing and refreshing.

    • *Although it is effective in killing the fleas on the pet, it is not a long-term solution

    • We recommend the following steps:

      • First, bathe your pet. Second, vacuum and wash all areas/items your pet spends the most time in. Lastly, (optional) is to treat your dog with a monthly anti-flea solution either from your vet, or OTC.

    *Note: Flea medication (OTC ex: Frontline, Advantage) may take effect after 48 hours, sometimes even a week or two. Always read warnings.

  • We are happy to use a prescribed shampoo by your veterinarian, or a shampoo you've used at home.

  • Remember- human-grade shampoos have a different PH balance and may or may not dry the dogs coat which can lead to dry skin.

Exempt Dogs

  • High anxiety/Dogs known to be hyper sensitive at the groomers. We may suggest scheduling an appointment with us at a time when there are no other dogs and very low activity in the shop such as early AM. If it's a mild anxiety, we will always work towards comforting your dog, and we may also recommend a mild all-natural sedative such as "Rescue Remedy" which you can purchase at any pet supply store.

  • Human (Male or female) aggressive dogs. We may suggest taking your pet to his/her veterinarian and discussing a sedative in order to be groomed

  • Dogs with exposed wounds

  • Tick/Flea infested dogs

  • Puppies under 4 months of age

  • Dogs w/any type of airborne cough or other contagious infection