We offer gentle, compassionate grooming, attentive customer service, honesty/full disclosure, and use best skin-sensitive, biodegradable shampoos on the market.

Reasons For Potential Price Change

*Prices quoted over the phone are not final.   
*Prices may change according to potential variables

  • Dense/Double-Coated dogs: Husky, Shetland, German Shepherd. These are just a few examples of dog breeds that require more than average brushing time.

  • Puppies: Puppies can be more time consuming than older dogs...the smells and sounds are new to them, and they naturally won't know whats going on. Haircuts may or may not be symmetrical or perfect, as the first time should be about getting them comfortable with grooming so they do well each time after that.

  • Senior Dogs: Senior dogs generally take much longer, as they are unable to stand on their own, get in/out of tub, or stand on the grooming table. Many times, we require more than one staff member to groom your pet for the entirety of the groom. If its nearly impossible to conduct a thorough grooming, we may suggest visiting the vet where they are specially equipped for impaired pets..

Return or After haircut trim/adjustment

  • Communication and specific detail is vital when when it comes to achieving that great haircut for your pet.

  • The reason we allow only 3 days, is because your pets coat must be clean, free of dirt and dander in order to complete a symmetrical trim. We also have to care for our tools, as well as accommodate other customers who have been previously scheduled for an appointment. Thank you for your understanding.